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Music to His Ears

November 13, 2012
Last Friday I visited my family doctor about my c-section scar. Of course by the time I went in it wasn't looking all red and puffy anymore, but he took a look anyway. (As an aside, I really like my new family doctor-we were able to get one right away after moving to Nanaimo, he's got a quiet, good-listener bedside manner, and it's never a trial to try and get in and see him!)  I told him how it had been sore and what it looked like and he nodded, as apparently this is no big surprise and not a big deal. It will take a year for it to heal all the way, so I shouldn't be acting like I'm all the way there. He was really pleased that I was cutting back on the yoga and coming in as soon as I thought something was wrong. He said it was 'music to my ears' that I was listening to my body and not pushing too hard against it.

Well alright then!

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