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My ass is not of federal importance

April 21, 2011

For my non-Canadian readers, you may not have known Canada is looking at an election in just 10 days. On May 2nd I'm really hoping the Conservative, contemptuous of Parliament, Bush back-scratching and bootlicking government will be GONE and replaced by the New Democratic Party, a left of centre group that's for the working classes, poor folks and healthcare.  On the twitter feed this morning Dr. Sharma was asking why if there's only 10 days to the election, has obesity not been mentioned once?  There was a link to his blog, which reads:

"Not only is obesity the nation’s top contributor to chronic disease, death, loss of productivity and costs to our health systems, it will take significant policy solutions in reversing this epidemic and providing necessary care to Canadians who are overweight or obese."

Why hasn't obesity been mentioned? Maybe because in the face of a massive recession, a war in Afghanistan, women's rights being tossed around like a football, the environment and global warming, fat people just aren't fucking important. Which should be a big "No Doy".  Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the #1 killers in Canada across the board, not obesity. Obesity doesn't cause cancer or strokes and is only correllated to heart disease in some instances. Overweight and obese people are not a focus in this election for a good reason; it's not a matter of federal importance. Id' argue that in order to make Canadians healthier we make smoking and drinking illegal, actually ensure everyone has a family doctor, that our food is safe to eat and our water supply is protected.

But that's not really what it's about, is it? What Dr. Sharma and his collegues really want is to make fat people fit in, literally, to not stand out, to take up less space & resources, to be more 'productive', to mold us to fit what they think a healthy Canadian looks like; thin(ner).  If it takes "making behavioural, medical and/or surgical treatment of this condition a national priority" then so be it.  Shame us, threaten us, give us pills that will stop our hearts and cut apart our insides, but GODS FORBID you just let us live our lives in peace.

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