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My bud at ThistleBuds

July 18, 2012

You know what's awesome? Comic books. Star Trek. Star Wars. Lego. Role playing games. Old school video games, like Legend of Zelda for the SNES. I have many friends who share my geeky passions, and luckily for me, one of them also runs an Etsy store where he, Nathan, and his business partner Sage, create geeky things for kids and babies out of upcycled materials. Their shop is called ThistleBud Designs, as the thistle is actually quite the useful plant and everyone who works with them are 'buds'. Clever, no? When Nathan discovered I was pregnant way back when he immediately offered to put his and Sage's sewing skills to work on behalf of baby-to-be and asked me what they could do.

Be still my geeky heart, it was almost too good to be true! With Gabe we repressed our geekiness quite a bit, going with a sweet jungle theme in his bedroom and no out-and-out sci-fi or rpg culture-y type things (though he does have a t-shirt I bought him to grow into that says "Geek In Training"), but with Katherine we're feeling much more confident in ourselves and our parenting, so we're going to let our geek flag fly! I asked the folks at ThistleBuds to create me two things; a Star Trek Next Generations captain uniform/onesie, and a little later when I discovered baby slings, a Wonder Woman themed sling. Said sling has arrived already and it is GLORIOUS; deep deep red with the double W in deep gold/yellow threading in the centre; simple but unmistakable. Subtle. I love it and oh yes, there will be pics of me and Katherine proudly wearing our sling! 

A Star Trek captains onesie. Image copyright ThistleBud Designs

If you or someone in your close circle is a geek at heart, or is just interested in some comfy, hand-made, green/upcycled kid and baby things, check out ThistleBuds over at Etsy, or their Facebook page, and keep checking back as they expand their stock to include both SCA items AND more sci-fi ones, including full sized Star Trek uniforms!

Blog note: I offered to do this post for Thistlebuds as a thank you for the gifts they're sending my way. I believe in helping out small businesses, especially the 'green' ones, as opposed to shopping at big box stores like Toys R Us or Walmart. Nothing says 'love' like hand-made! <3

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