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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September 3, 2010

Now there's a bad idea if I ever heard one, which I only caught thanks to the Center for Ecoliteracy that I follow on Facebook.  There wouldn't BE a childhoold obesity crisis if people realized that the BMI measurement wasn't ever meant for children and that it doesn't mean much for individuals as much as for large populations.  Also, BMI guidelines were changed over a decade ago to include more people, not fewer.  Thousands of people went from being 'normal' to overweight, or from overweight to obese, overnight and without gaining a pound.  

Also, what does the Center for Ecoliteracy care about obesity? It's not as if fat people eat more than thin people (and trust me, the attempts to prove otherwise have been many) and therefore use up more resources.  If you proclaim a month to the singling out and shaming of fat kids, shame on you; its' not as if the fat kids in the class aren't aware they're fat and don't get teased every day about it.  I shouldn't say 'if' because it's already happened.  Fantastic.  I'm not impressed with the way the Obamas are all over this childhood obesity 'crisis'.

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