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National Coming Out Day!

October 11, 2012

From Shakesville: Today is the 25th (!) annual National Coming Out Day! Twenty-five years ago today, half a million people marched on Washington for LGBT equality and Coming Out Day was born.

A lot has changed since then. And a lot hasn't. But what has changed, and what will change, is due to the brave men, women, and genderqueer folks who come out because they expect more than a closet. As long as we live in a deeply heterocentrist culture that privileges straightness, coming out will remain a radical act—and anyone who comes out is an activist and an advocate, sheerly by virtue of their public existence, because straight/cis people who know out members of the queer community are exponentially more likely to be political allies."

The gods know the LGBTQI community needs more allies, more people who are understanding and accepting, supporting and caring instead of just tolerant. The same goes for the fat community; tolerance of fat folk should be our base, our minimum we're shooting for. Acceptance, support, understanding and caring are much better goals. So! In honour of all the brave folks out there who've come out, and in support of those who feel for whatever reason that they can't (and remember, there are many places where being LGBTQI can get you fired at least or killed at worst), I want to state once and for all here in public on my blog that I'm a member of this community. For a long time, since highschool and probably earlier, I've known that I like girls. I'm bisexual, but I enjoy a LOT of straight privilege, having married a man and with us having the almost sterotypical nuclear family. It's so easy, too easy, to continue to live in this cozy little closet, so I'm stepping out. It's the right thing to do.

The name of this blog is Fat and Not Afraid, and I figure at 29 and all I've been through, with everything else I've been open about, this one last thing shouldn't and probably doesn't come as a shocker to many/most, but I've been afraid anyway, afraid of what, if anything, my family will say. (Hi mom(s), if you're reading!) I still remember my late grandmother calling me up specifically to tell me that she was disappointed in me, and that I'd hurt our family, with my speech at a small rally held shortly after Prop 8 passed back in '08. I spoke in favour of marriage equality and in support of the LGBTQI population of the States but that wasn't ok with her. I know there are others in my family who are not comfortable with gay people, for various reasons, but hopefully my saying "Hi, I'm bisexual" helps to change their minds on some things.

The world only spins forward and with this tiny teaspoon, my voice here on my blog lifted up in spirit and for equality, I am helping to move it forward just a little bit faster. Feel free to share any coming out stories you may have either here or at Shakesville-I'll be checking back in frequently today incase the comments get heated (you never know).

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