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June 8, 2011

Yesterday's mail arrived and had only a single item; a nifty looking book called The Fat Chick Works Out! by Jeanette DePatie. She's a certified exercise instructor and self-proclaimed 'fitness fanatic.'  She's also fat; not fluffy, not curvy, not an inbetweenie, FAT. ^__^  The power was out last night for nearly 7 hours thanks to a substation problem so I took the opportunity to crack it open and get started while the sun was still up and I had light to read.  Here are my initial impressions as scribbled on a piece of grocery list paper while on my back deck.

  • Fun and friendly
  • No shaming or preaching
  • Very frank and straightforward
  • Factual and has footnotes! *squee*
  • Easy to follow/understand
  • Maybe too many analogies
  • Love the little chicky illustrations! Black and white is OK but colour would be better.
  • Very woman centered but could easily have been written for men too or gender neutral
  • Jeanette has been there on the Big Fat Cycle. Her perspective & experience shines through
  • Little exercise cards are a nice touch and encourage the reader to get started immediately
  • Gives the info about exercise and health then says "Ok, I'm ready when you are."

I'll be going through the rest of the book over the next couple of weeks; technically it's designed to be done in 12 weeks or 3 months, helping you get to a better fitness level.  For someone like me who's always been saying "I'd like to get in shape and weighloss be damned" this book couldn't have come at a better time.  Once a week I'll post up a new review for each chapter and let you know how it's going.  They'll be clearly marked so that anyone who may be triggered (or just doesn't care) can skip past it.

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