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No fat jokes? Huzzah! Media Monday

November 14, 2011

I'm curious; what did you enjoy, media-wise, this weekend? Did you read a book or magazine? A great news article? Hear some good tunes? See a play or a movie? Tell me about it after I tell you about mine!

Saturday night I went to go see "All the Great Books, Abridged", a 1 1/2 hour play by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor. It was put on by a local theatre production company called Schmooze Productions and holy wow what a riot. I'm an English major, and a voracious reader just because, and of the 86 books on that long list of Greats there were only a few I wasn't familiar with. If I hadn't had to be paying close attention to write a review for the paper I think I would've laughed even harder than I did. People who aren't big fans of canon would like this show too, as it's got a lot of fantastic physical comedy and audience participation going for it, not just witty lines and making fun of the Greats (and not so greats. Really, did War and Peace HAVE to be so long?!)

It was also really nice to see something that in no way, shape or form, relied on fat jokes to be funny. That was really refreshing. So way to go, Schmooze Productions! I'm looking forward to more of your shows!

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