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Not Dead Just in Flux

July 6, 2012

Thank goodness for Fat Fox's post! It's been a helluva week here since the move. Our apartment is tiny and many of our things are still packed and simply wont be unpacked. We're still figuring out where things are going to fit in the livingroom and arranging the bedroom to make sure there's room for Katherine. The kitchen is barely workable for 1 person, and since I'm going into week 34 of my pregnancy and Ryan's shoulder is still buggered from his fall (exacerbated I'm sure by the heavy lifting and moving he's been forced to do to help me try and get this place figured out), it's been sloooow going.

So I'm not dead, I just haven't had the time or energy to write, or the space. Even the patio has STUFF on it so I can't set up our little outdoor table and use that for writing. Ugh. Right now my laptop is on a corner of the dining table next to a stack of PS2 games we're planning on selling. (Apparently a couple of my old PS1 games are worth something, but I can still play them on my PS3, so I'll be keeping them) There's a huge stack of book boxes behind me against a wall that still have no homes because we can't decide where to put the shelves. *siiiiigh*Ryan's pine desk is absolutely covered and his computer is in boxes.

Enough complaining for now. The sun is finally shining (we'd been calling June, Junuary and July started out as Februly) and I have to get to work. This weekend is looking nice so hopefully we'll get to a beach. Have a good one!

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