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Not 'Feeding' the Fatosphere?

August 8, 2011

Goodmorning peeps! For some reason my posts aren't showing up in the Fatosphere feed so if you missed my blogiversary or my friend's trip to the asshole MRI tech, please read back a bit. I think I might curl up with "The Fat Chick Works Out" today and refresh my memory on how to begin with that. Plus, I owe it a review!

P.s Gabe and I climbed a 'mountain' on Saturday. It was fun and the view from the top was stunning. British Columbia is SO beautiful. What did you do this weekend?

P.P.S You may also notice I have an actual navigation bar at the top now and a new search feature. It searches my blog, Fierce Fatties and Shakesville, but from there you can search the rest of the web. It will open a new window or tab if you use it. Enjoy!

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