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Not Fighting With Friends

October 12, 2011

Hey look! I have a blog. *pokes it* Yup, still alive!

I've been throwing a lot of mental energy into work (be perfect at your job, every day!), reading/tweeting/Facebook sharing about Occupy Wall Street (GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!! I'll wait.), and helping a couple of new friends with a BIG battle. So far my involvement has been limited to mostly online stuff; moderating the Facebook page, checking up on petitions, (please sign!) and creating a website. But, coming up soon is the final public hearing as to whether or not the city council will adopt a crappy new urban agriculture bylaw or hold off and get one in place that actually SUPPORTS Compassion Farm instead of putting them out of business. I'm planning on writing something and being at the hearing in person to speak, as well as reading a friend's letter who can't be there. I'm going to try and drag along some new local friends as well because hey, the more the merrier and the farm NEEDS every body of support it can get.

Sadly tonight someone posted a link on the Facebook page to a movie about how much we waste food here in the west. I maintain that we don't have a food PRODUCTION problem on this planet; there's more than enough to go around. What we have is a distribution problem, not just for food but for everything, but that's another post entirely. Dirk, one of the coolest new people I've met, commented that "50% of canadians are overweight, 35% are obese the average canadian eats 9 times more calories than the average asian." The woman who posted after hime said "wastes lots more too I bet."  Colour me not impressed. My reply:

‎50% of Canadians are overweight because the BMI numbers were changed over a decade ago to include MORE people. Overnight, millions of people went from 'normal' to 'overweight', and from 'overweight' to 'obese'. It's a bullshit stereotype that fat people eat more than the average person, and it's never actually been proven that fat people eat more, or waste more, than the average sized person. People come in all shapes and sizes, and blaming fat folks for the woes of the world is lazy thinking. The weight loss and diet industries (and speciality food industries like organic I'm sad to say) are billions of dollars a year industries. They have a vested interest in making fat people the scapegoats for all kinds of problems. I expect better from the progressive folks on this page, especially you, Dirk. For more info please check out the Links section of my site, www.fatandnotafraid.jigsy.com/links-of-importance.

It went on a bit longer, with Dirk doing what we might consider concern-trolling, but coming from him, from the best place possible. Like so many of our friends and family he's been fed, and believes, most of the lies about the 'obesity epidemic', that being fat makes us sick, hurts our bodies, it's controllable, it's shortening our lives, etc etc etc. Instead of having the same fight that I've been having with various folks from the internet for years, I just said no thanks and when you get the time and energy to check out my links, please do. He's tired of repeating himself about organic, small-scale farming, and I'm tired of repeating myself about how fat =/= unhealthy (or lazy, or overly consumptive, or or or).

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