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Nudist Women & Body Acceptance

November 6, 2012
As I've written about before, I have a fair amount of thin privilege being an inbetween fat person, a person of actual average size (and still shrinking, sadly). Part of what goes along with that, since I'm talking about nudity, is having a much easier time being naked with others since I'm acceptably fat-acceptable, if just barely, according to current societal standards. Other than a c-section scar I don't have any major physical 'flaws' so being confident and getting naked isn't so difficult. Fewer 'YOU SUCK' messages are absorbed into my brain because I don't identify with them.

SO! When a nudist publication asks "Hey ladies, where are you?" I know at least part of the answer right away-we're hiding! As BJ posted in the comments on Monday, being naked around strangers is something many women wouldn't consider in a million years. We've spent a HUGE part of our lives hearing and seeing thousands and thousands of negative messages about ourselves. Men? Not so much. This probably explains in large part the reason why there are so few women, compared to men, who are nudists. It takes a lot more work to shuck all that garbage, to learn to accept ourselves enough to take that first step, whatever it might be. Many women wear clothing specifically to cover up and hide their bodies-too much cover and you're a prude, too little and you're a slut. Fat? Cover up! Scars? EW! Never forget, ladies, your body is public property! The colours, patterns, and style of what we wear is instantly judged by the people around us because of *their* conditioning.

BUT! Once that first step to being socially naked is taken, the easier it gets to dump more of the mental and emotional garbage because of the exposure (no pun intended) to other bodies. There are no clothes hiding anyone's 'flaws', their scars, their lumps and bumps, their saggy bits, or other uniqueness. Being naked by yourself is a good way to start off, so you become used to your own body and what it *really* looks like, 'flaws' and all. After that, who knows where you'll end up?

Love this it is so true, women have so much "garbage" to shed about body image . My job for 14 years was working at a pool. Prior to this job I wouldn't take my clothes of at all not even in front of myself . I could dress and undress without showing any skin. I have multipal scars! I soon learned to be naked in front of many coworkers! At the pool this weekend I saw many naked women of all sizes, sags and scars... I felt at home! For me stress melts fat so if you see me and I am thin I am no doubt going through a crisis, if I am chunky I am content in life! When I was going through a divorce I lost a lot of weight And my supervisor instructed me to gain weight because I was to thin to be in a swim suit working. I was not accepted thin with scars so I went on a weight gain diet! I gained weight and then became self conscious of my bulging thighs. Embarrassed once again! Can't win so I just look at all the real naked women in the change room and learned not to worry I am older and saggy but age has erased all worries of body image! But I fell for the young girls who struggle like I did! Hang in there ladies big or small scars or sags you are all beautiful show it all off and dance naked in front of the mirror love all that your body has morphed into!


Thanks so much for your perspective, Deb!


Wonderful perspective!


As an older, larger woman who has spent the past 27 years in the nudist lifestyle, as a resident and active member of a nudist club I have spent uncountable hours trying to convince my contemporaries (older women) that they need to try the lifestyle. One day of being accepted how you are and for who you are by people who don't care how you look is an uplifting experience that we all deserve. We are who we are and there is a world of people who just want to share our company.



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