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Obese 3rd Grader Taken from Parents

November 28, 2011

I'm a little too sick this morning to fly into the righteous rage this article deserves, but I'm not too stuffed up to at least get it out there. Basically a 200lb 3rd grader  has been taken away from his mother due to 'health concerns', but as far as I can figure from the article, other than sleep apnea, the kid is fine. Infact, a second article says flat out: In this case, Amata said, other than having a weight problem, the boy was a normal elementary school student who was on the honor roll and participated in school activities.  (the second article is a much better one than the first, actually, with a lot more relevant info) I hope that while he's under the care of a slew of doctors they figure out what's going on. He could just be a really big kid, or he could have an underlying health problem that's making him fat (not the other way around). In any case, having a fat kid does not make you a bad parent, or an abusive one. The 1st article also doesn't mention if the mom or dad is also fat, which would be good to know seeing as how being fat is inherited as much as height is, but the 2nd one does, saying both the mom and dad and some other family members are overweight. I think the State has completely overreached itself here and needs to back off, apologize, and go do something important, like figure out to fund its public schools and fix its infrastructure.

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