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Obesity and Cancer Growth Link

October 29, 2012

Well this is no good-scientists have found an interesting connection between fat cells and cancerous tumours, at least in mice that is.

"In obese and lean mice that ate the same diet, tumors grew much faster in obese mice than they did in lean mice. The researchers also observed that there were far more white adipose tissue cells (called adipose stromal cells) in obese mice than in lean mice and thus turned their focus on the role of these cells.

Detailed analyses indicated cancer induced mobilization of adipose stromal cells into the circulation. Once in the tumors, some of these cells developed into fat cells, while others were incorporated into tumor-associated blood vessels.
Tumor-associated blood vessels support tumor growth by bringing in oxygen and nutrients vital for cancer cell survival and proliferation. Kolonin noted that the ability of adipose stromal cells to contribute to the formation of tumor-associated blood vessels is likely one of the main reasons that the excess of these cells in tumors was associated with increased malignant cell proliferation and tumor growth."

It looks like fat cells are being taken by tumours and used to promote growth. I don't know how they do this, I'm not a doctor, but that sounds bad to me. Anything that helps cancer growth is bad, right? When I went to the online home of the research journal and looked for the abstract, I couldn't figure out which one I wanted. Can someone help me out with this? Someone with a background in health or biology? I'd like to learn more.


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