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Obesity epi-panic targets 9 month olds

January 1, 2011

So this story  was brought to my attention today; "The path toward obesity starts at a young age - even before babies transition to a solid diet, according to a new study. [...]  Even in the first year of life, many babies fall into these two categories, Moss and his colleagues report in the January/February issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion. In the 9-month age group, 15.2 percent of babies were at-risk and 16.7 percent were obese. Among 2-year-olds, just under 14 percent were at-risk and almost 21 percent were obese."

At least they're not relying on BMI to measure these babies.  I mean seriously, what do doctors and researchers want parents to do? Put their 9 month old baby on a diet?  Most 9 month olds are barely crawling and almost certainly not walking, so it's not like mom and/or dad can be blamed for the kid not getting enough activity.  Kids who start out heavier end up heavier? Gee, I wonder if genetics could have anything at all to do with this?  I'd love to know if these kids' parents were also obese or overweight, or other if theird siblings are. I'd like to know if they lived in an low-income or poverty area.  I'd like to know if their moms knew the benefits of breastfeeding, or if their moms were ever even given the opportunity to breastfeed?  It's not enough to say "You should breastfeed!"  Moms need a good diet to produce the most nutritious milk, time to breastfeed, which means time off from work, which I know women in the States don't get a lot of, or time to pump, which means time off at work, somthing many employers dont' provide.  Formula is fast, easy to use, allows dads/partners to help out with feedings and doesn't hurt.  AND, even if a woman has the time off, a good diet and the patience to figure out breastfeeding (and let me tell you that sure, while the instinct is there both for mom and baby, getting it right can be a long, frustrating process), that doesn't mean she has any moral imperative to go that route.

Fat? is not a sign of illness, especially in young kids.  Fat is essential to survival, has been for millions of years, and 50 years of pressure on parents to have thin babies is not going to change anything.  If I can find the study (or someone can point me to it), it's interesting to know that women who are underweight or dieting during pregnancy have fat(ter) babies.  Something about how the body thinks that there's a food shortage so it plumps up the fetus as best it can so it has the best chance of survival.  I should really start bookmarking this stuff to write a book.  :P 

I hope everyone had a lovely New Years last night and got home safe and sound if they were out and about with friends and/or family.

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