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Ottawa Man Loses Kids-Too Fat

June 27, 2012

Last week I wrote about an Ottawa man who was facing losing his children due to his obesity. The court has decided, in its infinite wisdom *snort* that it's better for his two kids, whom he hasn't seen in a year, to go on living in the foster care system than be with their 'intelligent and loving' father. Why? Well, he's fat. He's 340lbs, down from over 500lbs, and stubborn. Now, I'm no 300lbs, but I am definitely fat, and I'm definitely stubborn and would *never* have bariatric surgery. Does this make me an unfit parent? Apparently! Don't forget, I'm also Pagan and a radical environmentalist (thanks for that, Mr. Harper!) so I should be looking over my shoulder all the time.

Marni Soupcoff has a beautiful rebuttal to this ruling up at the National Post today and I encourage folks to head over there and read it, and maybe send her an email thanking her for her kind and thoughtful words. I hope the man in Ottawa who is no doubt now grieving the loss of his family takes a little comfort in her piece and will see his boys soon.

Matt Gurney has a different piece up that touches upon the same story, but focuses more on the alarming precedent this sets in family law-what if at some time, for some reason, you suddenly become disabled and are no longer able to care for your kids? Will they be taken away and put in foster care so you can 'focus on your recovery'? Scary stuff.

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