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Pantheon Discusses Fat Acceptance

January 4, 2012

One of the Pagan blogs/blogging sites I read on a regular basis is Pantheon. Star has great perspectives on a lot of different subjects so when I went there today and saw a simple heading "Fat Acceptance?" I was both intrigued and hesitant. I was pretty sure Star would write something good, or at least neutral, about FA, but was dreading the comments section. It's nice to be right, and wrong, sometimes! I recommend heading over there and reading through it, and then head over into the comments. Yes, I'm recommending the comments too! There's only one or two posts out of 30+ that are the usual 'but health and fat just don't go together' type, with many more that are outright supportive of fat acceptance ideas.

However, I had to respond to one comment directly, which read in part ""Goddess-size" shouldn't mean anything goes and everything is ok." Um, really? Why the heck not? Do we, or do we not, have full bodily autonomy? I love fat acceptance and the health at every size movements because not only are they about redefining the vocabulary around being fat, and shredding the crap science that surrounds the diet industry, but they ask each person to look at their own personal history, their own body and say "What's right for ME?" Diets don't work. Even excersizing and eating "right" wont change a person's natural set point very much, and not without drastic changes like the kind Star described. Fat acceptance is also about destroying the stereotypes that surround fat people, the idea that they're fat because they don't eat good food, they're lazy, they're slobs, they cost too much for health insurance, they're stupid, etc. In the current society, it's OK to comment on/about a fat person's body, to create tv shows promoting radical, dangerous weight loss. It's OK to make a fat person buy two seats on an airplane. It's OK to try and pass legislation denying fat people access to restaurants (I'm looking at you, Mississippi). It's OK to shame your kids about their size and put them on diets or in fat camps because it's the WORST THING EVAR to be fat. Kids as young as 5 and 6 are getting eating disorders because of our completely messed up relationship with our bodies and food.

As for being Pagan and into fat acceptance, personally I see it like this; my body IS a temple. It houses that divine spark that is the same as the Goddess, as the stars, as the trees. It's my pleasure to nourish this body in every way I see fit; after all, all acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals and making and eating food, for myself or with/for friends and family, is a joy. We come in all shapes and sizes, colours and creeds. Nature loves diversity!

I hope you'll pop over to Pantheon and leave Star some great comments!

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