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Photo Friday: Fabulous Hat Edition

September 14, 2012

The other day we went for a drive up to the Coombs Market and the Goats on the Roof Coffee Shop with my inlaws, who are in from the Soo for a visit all this week. Good times were had and fabulous hats were worn! Well, just one on Katherine, but it counts. It's a gift from my mom in law's friend Barb, crocheted with love.

Kat has quite the collection of hats already, some hand-made, some not, all adorable and a few which are already too small. I want to make sure I get pics of her in all of the ones that still fit because omg the cute (no doy). My sister is working on matching kitty hats for us and I have to admit I'm silly excited to wear mine with Kat out somewhere this fall. 

Yesterday we went over to Newcastle Island and Kat had both her first boat ride (a small ferry) and her first stroller ride. This morning, just as I was getting ready to post, I got my first real smile. She's three and a half weeks old and already I can't remember life without her. We're in AK time now; After Katherine.

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