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Photo Friday: Peacock Edition

January 11, 2013

Happy Friday, y'all! (Can I use ya'll if I'm not from the South? Oh well.) Thanks to everyone who's donated so far. It's deeply appreciated and we're very grateful. At the end of the day today the donate button over there will disappear, hopefully never to be needed again. If you can spare a few dollars at the moment though, we could really use it.

Today's photo was taken Christmas day by our friend Kev who was visiting from Vancouver. I think Kat looks especially adorable in matching theme jammies and Santa hat. The shirt on me is a new one picked up at Ricki's and sent out by my mom in law. I love it; very soft, warm and a great peacock blue. I just sortof threw my hair up in my go-to hairstyle and voila! Pictures done.

Katherine will be five months old in 11 days. I can hardly believe it. She's probably 20lbs now and experiencing her first real cold(s) and fever. Her hair is starting to fall out and may even turn red which would be very cool. My hair loss appears to be finally slowing down but my weight is still going down. My sister sent me a bunch of great jeans and tops for Christmas in size 14 and some of them now need a belt when they didn't before. This will probably stop once I stop breastfeeding and burning so much energy doing that. In the meantime I now have enough new clothes to tide me over until things change, or not.

Don't forget to head back to yesterday's Giveaway Post and enter for your chance to win some delicious! I know, it's not glamorous, but it IS practical, and that's more how I roll. Have a great weekend!

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