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Planning Fitness Not Weight Loss

October 23, 2012

Well it's week 9 since Kat was born (she was officially 2 months old as of Oct 21st!) and my plans to start rebuilding my strength and stamina have come to naught. My abs, specifically one spot on my new scar on the right, is still very sensitive to me doing silly things like carrying heavy things or holding Katherine for too long. I was sore to the touch for a few days and we considered talking to our family doctor but now that I'm feeling better I probably wont.

Honestly, I'm terrible at this. I tell myself "I'm going to start doing x!" and rarely do I start, and if I DO, I rarely stick with it. This is dumb because I *like* doing things like yoga and taking walks, but darn, the internet is so interesting, or hey look, laundry needs folding or dishes need doing! And now throw Kat into the mix, and it's really easy to find a lot of reasons (excuses?) to not get moving and get strong again. Again, this is dumb, because I was just saying to Ryan yesterday, after he hauled multiple bags of groceries into the house all by himself in one trip, "I wish I was as strong as you." If there was a tsunami and I had to run for my life, I would probably die because I don't have the stamina or stength to haul myself out of harm's way. (We actually have these signs on the West side of Vancouver Island, near Tofino!)

How does one go about doing this? Is it a matter of writing it on the calender and doing it? Planning a block of time every day (example; during Kat's first nap, throw in the yoga dvd and do 15 minutes)? How do you start and stick with a fitness routine?

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