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HR3 and the oxymoron of Forcible Rape

January 31, 2011

My little activism badge is back, this time with a very important piece of teaspooning for all people in the U.S, man and woman, fat and thin, and everyone in between.  If you're not sure what I'm talking about head over over to Shakesville and Tiger Beatdown for the scoop on #DearJohn, HR3 and the Republican's latest and most vile attack on women. 

Basically HR3 attempts to redefine rape to being only that which is forcible (an obvious oxy moron as ALL rape is forced) and eliminate any funding through medicare or medicaid for women who need abortion because of rape or incest.  It then goes on to prohibit even the private funding of abortion through insurance, making it likely that no insurance providers will cover abortions in the future.  The new 'small government' of the GOP is small enough to FIT IN YOUR PANTS.

Edited to add today: MoveOn.org has a petition up that you can sign (after you contact your Rep *wink*) to add more impact to the protest against #HR3.

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