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October 1, 2010

Tattoos are so nifty; I have only one but am planning on one more, ok, two more, before I'm done.  I think body modification is a great way to claim ownership of one's self, flip the bird to the stereotypes of what people 'should' look like, and express your personality.  I've had my ears pierced since I was in grade seven but never got anything else done despite really really wanting to get the top outer part of my ear pierced FOREVER, just so I can get a nifty chain thingy I saw that I think would look super hot on me.  Then again, it's not like me to attract attention.  I'll speak up and speak out as things come up, but body modification is all the time and in some cases forever, and usually fairly visible.  It's probably a control issue for me, as so many things are. 

My cousin has a LOT of tattoos; many (most? all?) are deeply personal, and lip and ear piercings.  She dyes her hair outrageous colours on a regular basis.  I LOVE IT and I am SO JEALOUS that she does this; it's so brave!  I thought I was all edgy and cool with my one tattoo ("To Thine Own Self Be True" across my shoulderblades, and yes, that's Shakespeare) but she's really got it going on.  She is also a fat woman.  We're not as close as I'd like to be so I'm left wondering if the piercings and tattoos are a way to keep people at a distance or if it's just flippin' the world the bird.  I'll have to ask her.  If I find out, I shall report back.  

I mean, obviously, my tattoo has a deeply personal meaning; back at the end of '08, after going through what was to this day one of the roughest periods of my life, I figured out that really, you have to be true to who you are and what you believe, no matter what anyone else says; not your family, not your husband, not anyone.  I had that phrased inked into my skin so I would never ever forget that lesson.  The tattoo I'm planning is a sun/moon design with the runes Tyr and Wunjo (meaning Joyful Warrior) combined in the center.  It's a doodle I've been working on since highschool and I finally figured out how to bring it all together.  When I get the money it's going to go right below the other one and take up probably a hand's length of space on my back.  There will be pics, oh yes, there will be pics.

Tell me about your dreams of ink and modifications, and ideas already in place.

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