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Reframing the obesity 'epidemic'

March 6, 2011

We've been seeing in the news lately new stats as to how overweight, obese, deathfat, etc Canada, the US and other countries are compared to each other.  "Nearly a quarter of all adults are overweight! 20% are obese! 1/4 children are fat!" OH NOES and stop the presses.  No really, please stop.  Throwing around these numbers makes it LOOK bad, but really? A quarter of adults in Canada are obese? That means 75% aren't! Imagine THAT headline: 75% of Canadians Win the Battle of the Bulge! 70% of Children Not At Risk for Diabetes!

Of course, headlines like that wouldn't sell as well, so we wont be seeing them any time soon.  This is my thought, if you've got the energy for it-every time you read/see/hear one of those gorram numbers, fight back with a comment to the effect that I've written above.  It's time to reframe the debate so we're not constantly REACTING to stuff and instead ACTING in our best interests.  The fatosphere is one step for sure, and the books about HAES and fat acceptance are great too, but not everyone reads it that's for sure.  As silentbeep pointed out, being into fat acceptance is REALLY counter-culture, very anti-hegemonic.  We want it to become culture, a part of the hegemony, and speaking up or writing comments on articles and emails to article writers, is something we can all do to push that a little further every day.

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