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Restricting Halloween Candy

October 31, 2012
Over at Offbeat Mama.com, a blog I've recently started following, there's a post up titled "Creative Ways to Prevent post-Hallowe'en Over Indulgence".  In it the author tells how her mother used to throw away her candy as a child, and asks commentors to weigh in on ways for parents to keep the treats away from their kids. I left the following comment:
I think the holidays are a perfect time to let kids figure out from themselves how much they want to eat, and what. Like someone above said, yes, some kids might eat themselves sick, but most wont. Keep the candy out where they can see it and have access to treats after meals or in their school lunches and then it doesn't become negative and forbidden fruit. It's restriction that makes things extra inticing, right? So don't restrict (and keep the toothbrush handy!)

What will you be doing with your little ones? Are you handing out candy tonight? What's your favourite?

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