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April 10, 2011

From my friend's wall this morning: "Being fat is nature's way of saying, "You're so good, I think I'll make more of you!"  With a lot of *likes*. I have the best friends.

In other news, I'm sick again with a chest cold but I have an upcoming job with Stats Canada for the census in May, I'm going to finish my placement on time and I've taken steps to see if I can switch one class for another and still get my CESD certificate.  Because I have a job, a good paying one, Ryan'll be heading out to BC on May 20th to find us a new house.  Gabe is excited to be moving near "the rocky hills! to a bigger house!" which is good but we'll see how we do just the two of us for a month and a half or longer while he finishes JK. That's about it for now; I have a post coming up over at Fierce Fatties today if I can write it.  Does anyone remember the early 90's Sailor Moon cartoon?

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