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Sick Day & Bump update

February 28, 2012

Taking a sick day today. Didn't expect too; went to bed last night feeling about 50/50 woke up feeling like death warmed over. Can't eat, headcold, low grade fever and my sinuses are, well, nevermind, it's gross. So I'm at home, going to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and tissues, and watch Glee and/or doze until Ryan gets home.

Yesterday we went to my 15 week midwife appt and had a good convo about a lot of different things, including diet (not Dieting) and what I'm 'allowed' to do during labour. Lillian is a really great person, saying "This is midwifery care. It's not about what you're allowed to do, it's about doing what you feel you need to do." A tension in me eased-I'm leery about going to the hospital for this delivery after what happened with Gabe, but Lillian has assured me that I'll be allowed to eat and drink to keep my strength up, have a private room to recover in, and I wont have to go down there right away. She'll come by the house until *I* feel ready to go to the hospital (barring complications, of course) and then we'll go together.

As for my diet, she recommends more fish, especially salmon, for the good fats in it (yay baby brain development!) and said flat out that she's not concerned about weight. It's basically not a factor, which is wonderful to hear. She asked me what my pre-pregnancy weight was and I couldn't really answer. Since I moved out of my mom's I haven't owned a scale, and I dont' think I've weighed myself since last Spring while at a friend's and curiosity got the better of me. We guessed I was at 200lbs and left it at that. She did tell me though that much closer to my due date they would take an actual weight incase I need medications or anesthesia or an spinal, as the dosage is based on that number. That's ok, it's a reasonable thing.

If you're considering starting a family, or expanding the one you have, I can't strongly recommend a midwife enough. They are the birth experts really, more invested in your wellbeing than most ob/gyns who are just at the labour to 'catch' during delivery. They have much lower incidences of interventions, c-sections, and most do after-delivery home visits for the first few weeks to make sure you and the baby are doing OK. Midwives specialize in building up the woman and preparing her for the labour and delivery she wants to have (if everything goes alright!) My appointments with Lillian last an hour every time and she's getting to know me while I build trust with her. I'm thrilled to be creating a relationship with someone instead of just seeing a nurse and getting my blood pressure taken while they ask me if I have any questions.

If you're interested in midwifery care, take a peek at the links below:

Midwives Association of British Columbia (how I found Lillian!)

The American College of Nurse-Midwives

The Royal College of Midwives (UK)

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