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Sinfest and Expectations

December 10, 2012

Sinfest is a comic I follow faithfully. I love it so much because of the way the author has evolved over the last couple of years, moving away from simple throwaway stories and tits and ass into characters that are deep, multifaceted and real, not to mention the occasional commentary on politics. There are still days where I'll groan and facepalm, but not many. Today is both a groan day and a good day. Observe:

This character (who's name I can NEVER remember) is always yo-yo dieting and beating himself up for being a pig. Always. It's been an ongoing thing forever, and I'm waiting for the day he just finally learns to accept himself. I have a feeling he will, as Tatsuya has moved many other characters towards similar growth in the past, but this one lags behind. He's a pig, he should be enjoying 'junk' food and sitting around, because that's what pigs DO. In the not so distant past, pigs were the garbage cans of the farm, eating the leftovers (slops) from the kitchen. They enjoyed lazing about in the mud and dirt until harvest time. This guy needs to learn to accept himself and quit wasting his time and energy on binge exercise and diets.

The groan/facepalm part of this post is the joke, of course; that fat people are fat because they give up, they don't try hard enough to become thin, they lack willpower, etc. So close, Tatsuya, and yet, so far.

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