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Skin and Bones: Commenting on Thin Bodies

August 14, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, Gabe is thin. He's the opposite of me and Ryan when we were kids; both of us were chubby (and adorable, might I add!). Gabe is not the only thin person in my life; some of my best friends are very small, and of course there's all the people out there everyday on the streets. I find myself mentally and sometimes verbally doing the body policing thing, wondering to myself or outloud if that person is OK, or just commenting on how small they are to whoever I'm with. 

Who the hell do I think I am? This kind of behaviour is NOT ok and I shouldn't be doing it. It's the same as if some random person were to do it to me or other fat folk. When did this kind of thinking and commenting become OK, become normal? When did everyone who's out in public become public property? Not just fat people, but everyone. "Look at the muscles on that guy! Yowza!" "She totally had a boob job." "S/he's lost a lot of weight. I wonder if they're alright?" "God, he's so disgusting. Look at those rolls." "Go eat a sandwich." "Put down the burger!" What. the. fuck. Seriously, if I'M doing this, after time in the Fatosphere and feminist spaces, what is going through other people's heads (and coming out their mouths)? Bleh.

Other than keeping my own mouth shut to police myself, and blogging, what can we do about this?

On a completely unrelated note, two very cool things I found this weekend: The comic Red Strings and the blog Pretty Plump PinUp. Love love love love them both. Went through the whole comic from start to finish in under 24 hours (it's an 8 year old comic!) and have been browsing through PinUp enjoying what I find. Enjoy!

This is Fuuko and Hannae, a couple of people who are very much in love. Hannae is 'chubby' by Japanese standards, and I'll be doing a post about her this week. I really love this comic and hope you enjoy it too!

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