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Some small updates

February 8, 2011

To the right you'll notice a maple leaft; I've started the process to join the Canadian Progressive Bloggers group. Yay me!  I've also figured out how to add a feed reader to the wider Fatty o'Sphere and tried to add in the Fat Liberation Feed but couldn't get the right url.  (If anyone has that, please leave it in the comments!)  I'm working on finding a nicer picture for the header than a cuddly hippo, but am not sure what.  I'm also tentatively going to be branching out a bit with my blogging into more feminist things as well as geekery and gaming.  The focus will remain on fat acceptance with a leaning towards kids and the war against fat kids, but I'd really like to branch out a bit.

Do you love my cuddly hippo and want it to stay?  Hate the blue theme? Got an idea for something other than the hippo?  A blog I should read?  A blog I shouldn't read?  Leave it in the comments!

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