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Some Things Never Change

February 20, 2012

Waaaay back when I began my fat acceptance journey I was also a regular at a very busy forum called GaiaOnline. I started a thread in the Lifestyle Discussion part of the site on Fat Acceptance and HAES. In the last...year or so? me and the hubs pretty much left the site because life was happening and Gaia was getting kinda boring. I dropped most of my threads and disappeared, except for the FA thread. I popped in on that one a few times, maybe once a month, and then stopped posting there as well.  On a whim the other night I logged in and wouldn't you know it? The thread was still alive! And NOT taken over by fat-haters! I haven't seen any of my old regulars but I seem to have picked up some new ones, haes-savvy ones, and downright sassy ones. I love it. I'm impressed, and honestly, a little touched. It's been four years that thread's been going, spreading the FA/HAES message on a site geared to teens, people as we all know who REALLY need that extra self confidence boost.

For a taste, here's what my front page looks like (I'm pretty sure the first image banner is something I edited in Paint from another FA/HAES blog in the Fatosphere. If you know who's it is, or where I got it, please let me know so I can credit!)

This thread is for the support of fat acceptance and health at EVERY size; that means healthy fat/thin/inbetween people. Please at least attempt to read all of the first page. This is not a thread for asking for help with weight loss or diet talk. Out of respect for people with eating disorders, or who are trying to recover, or are recovered, we ask that there be no diet talk.

This thread is not for debating whether or not diets work or why fat people 'should' diet or exercise more or for how fat people are so fat because they're lazy gluttenous slobs
This thread is definately not for pointing out all the supposed health risks of being overweight or obese; if you want to talk about that take it somewhere else. Posters who insist on doing nothing but the above will be banned without warning.

This is a thread for talking about our culture's obsession with ultra-thin and the impossibly beautiful and why people think that fat people should change. Here's a clue; they don't have too.

This is a thread for talking about why you love your body and what you love about it.

This thread is not meant to exclude thin people; I choose to focus on the fat angle because I'm seen as fat and fat discrimination and harassment is much more prevelent than that against thin people. See "Why FAT Acceptance" below.

This thread does not tolerate fat bashing in any way shape or form; don't like fat people or can't wrap your mind around the idea of a fat, healthy, happy person? Don't post. Any posts bashing fat people will be reported as breaking the rules of the thread and as flaming or trolling, depending on the context. Then I'll put you on my ignore list so you can't come back, again, without warning.

This thread is meant to be a SAFE SPACE for people of ALL sizes so any thin-bashing/skinny bitch comments will also not be tolerated.

I don't mind you having an opinion of your own, but this isn't the place for it if it's negative towards fat people. The same rules apply for any other acceptance threads; you can't walk into a gay/black/Jewish/Christian acceptance/discussion thread and start bashing the people who are posting there. It's obviously trolling and will be treated as such here.

Aaaand then there's a MEGA PILE of links, most of which are now up here at the blog in the Links of Importance section. Sadly, we still sometimes get the occasional troll, concern or otherwise, despite the rainbow text which are the rules of the thread. Some people just fail at reading, or think probably that if THEY just tell me how unhealthy/awful/ugly it is to be fat and how I should just put down the hamburger and go for a jog, that they're special and will get through to me and Fix My Life. Yeah, I don't think so.

This has been your Monday trip down memory-lane.

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