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Southwest Airlines boots THIN woman?

July 27, 2010

In a story being reported by CBSnews.com, a thin woman has been booted from the airline in favour of......a FAT teenager.  I think hell just froze over.  In the past Southwest has been on fat folk's shit-list for repeatedly mistreating fat fliers, including director Kevin Smith, and forcing those passengers to buy two seats.  In this case, the young person in a hurry for a seat was given two, one of which belonged to a 'petite' passenger who was already buckled in and ready for take-off. 

Honestly, I'm astounded.  Is Southwest's change of heart in this case because the young man who needed the extra seat was only 14 and travelling alone?  His parents only bought him one and he arrived late at the gate, CBS is reporting.  Was the airline afraid of getting sued by the parents?   Was it ok for Southwest to eject the thinner passenger in favour of a fatter one, minor or no?  What's going ON here?

Edited to add: There's some confusion about the gender of the fat teenager; in the CBS report, it says "flight attendants may have been rushing to make room for the kid in order to save him from embarrassment."  In the Sacramento article, it says "A late-arriving passenger required two seats because of her girth."   O_o?

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