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Stand Up For Fat Kids

February 3, 2012

Despite being an eternal optimist, sometimes I doubt people. I've been disappointed before by people or groups who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Well, today my faith and hope for humanity was renewed by the Big Fat Money Bomb project. In less than 24 we hit our goal of $10,000 and as of 9:30pm PST Thursday night (time of my blogging) we are still going strong! Tomorrow (Friday) we need to hit 1000 donators (so about 600 more people) in order to get the More of Me To Love match of $5,000 and extend our project of one billboard fighting fat shame and stigma in Georgia  to whatever else we can afford; radio and newspaper ads? A second billboard? Who knows!?

What I DO know is that kids everywhere cannot be hated for thier own good, that you cannot shame someone to health and happiness. This is true for adults and especially true for kids; once they start on the cycle of shame, diets, unreal expectations and all the rest, it's very difficult to get away from. If you're here reading this, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. Please, give what you can. Even 1$ gets  us close to the MoMtL 5k match. Thank you.

To help out and make a donation you can visit THIS PAGE or, if your donation is less than $5.00 (and every little bit helps!), head over HERE. 

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