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Suit up! Playing in the pool while fat

October 4, 2011

After a dreary, cool afternoon at the park on Sunday we wandered over to the Hot Chai Express inside the community centre for a hot chocolate. The community centre is pretty great; pools, water slide, sauna, hot tub, weight room and apparently ice pads in another building. We showed Gabe the pool and decided it was time for a swim. Ryan took us home, we got our suits, two courtesy passes (we're still broke) and me and the wee-man went for some splash time while Ryan enjoyed some quiet time. It was a lovely and I wish oppertunities to do stuff like this came up more often. I was the only 'single' mom but there were a few dads, and while Gabe was taking his 500th time down the slide with another little dude, I got to chatting with that kid's dad.

Now, I've always been fairly out-going and friendly; it's not hard for me to chat with people on the bus or other parents on the playground, but usually it's women, more specifically, moms. So, to be having a conversation with a nice looking guy at the pool was kinda awesome for two reasons.

Number 1: I was in my tankini. Remember this? Ya, beautiful rainbow butterly goodness, recently purchased from Addition-Elle.

Number 2: I'm a fat lady, in a tankini. As far as I noticed, NOONE at the pool, not any of the cute dads (and that was most of them) or the thin moms (that'd be all of them except me) gave me the stink-eye for daring to appear in public in said bathing suit.

Not once in the change room or strolling around the pool to and from said change room did I think to myself any negative body thoughts. I didn't stop infront of the mirror and wish my belly was flatter. I didn't frown at my thighs or arms or anything. I DID adjust 'the girls' to fit the top better so I wouldn't fall out while swimming, but that's not the same thing at all.  I wore my bathing suit with the same casual air of anyone else there and dammit, I'm proud of that (now that I've realized it two days later).

What's been a good fat acceptance moment for you lately?



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