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System Crash: Shut down or reboot?

April 4, 2011

So there's a lot going on in JeninCanada-land lately; it's the end of the semester, the end of my attempt to get my CESD certificate, job-finding time and planning a HUGE move time.  Added to this is Gabe being super demanding and my hubby getting ready to move before us in order to have somewhere for us to move too.  When I say a big move, I mean we're moving from the near centre of Canada to the West Coast, Vancouver Island, Nanaimo.  That's like, 3000km or 1800 miles.  We have a few friends out that way but no family. 

Everything just seems to be crashing down around my head right now and I'm not dealing with it well.  I want to sleep all the time and the siren call of the pizza place in the mall, or McDonalds, or wherever, is singing strongly.  The weather has gone to pot again (it snowed yesterday!) so I can't even get out and start playing in the dirt and sunshine to cheer me up.  Blogging is not my #1 priority right now, hell it's barely in the top 10 anywhere.  I apologize for the lack of anything interesting to say.  I still play around on Twitter some, poking holes in the antichoice thinking and following the upcoming Canadian election while telling uninterested strangers what I did that day, so follow me if you wish.

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