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Talking with Your Kids about Fat People

January 27, 2012

The other day after work I was browsing the Fat o' Sphere and came upon Elizabeths' post over at The Extender on Sharran Alexander, the UK's only woman sumo wrestler. From there I went to the Daily Mail article for more details as I didn't even know there WAS women's sumo! The article itself isn't important here, but my son's reaction to the pictures there of Sharran is. And then we had a conversation that went something like this:

Gabe: Mom, that lady is really big!

Me: Yes she is, she's very strong. She's a sumo wrestler.

Gabe: Sumo wrestler?

Me: Yeah, it's a sport from Japan.

Gabe: Japan!? (Gabe loves the idea of Japan) ... her skin is black. (Gabe hasn't seen very many black people in his life, so this is still new for him)

Me: Mmhmm. And ours is white. (We compare arms) People come in different colours, like black and white, brown, kind of yellow, all kinds.

Gabe: I want to see some sumo.

Me: *opens Youtube and we watch a match from National Geographic for a few minutes*

Gabe: Mom! Those guys are huge!

Me: Yes, they are! They're VERY strong! They're sumo wrestlers called 'yoko zuna' and being big is part of their sport. *I open a video of women's sumo wrestling. The women are much smaller in comparison and the match is much faster*

Gabe: Mom, those ladies look like you. (And they do. If I trained, I could probably qualify to do sumo)

Me: Yup. It takes all sizes, honey. You'll probably be tall and slim like your dad, I'm short and fat, and then there's everything in between. And it's all good.

Gabe: Ok mom. You come play with me now?


And we did.

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