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Teen Weightloss Surgery

January 9, 2012

MSNBC is highlighting a story right now on it's front page that doesn't do a bad job showing the two sides of the weight loss surgery story, this time with a focus on teenagers. Titled "Young, Obese and getting weight loss surgery" it mostly follows one young woman's story, with a lot of added positive and negative commentary about the procedures from various doctors. I hope that noone misses the irony at the end where the girl is saying, post surgery and down 8 sizes,  "I cant' wait 'til I'm skinny." and her boyfriend says "You're beautiful the way you are." Why wasn't someone telling her she was beautiful ALL ALONG? Where was her mom? Her dad? Her friends? Her teachers?

Weight loss surgery for teenagers is dangerous and stupid. End of story. And yet, it's covered by Medicaid in many States while things like birth control aren't. What the fuck? Where are our priorities? I'm sorry this is so disjointed but I just can't wrap my mind around this sometimes.

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