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TGIF & Welcome Summer!

June 22, 2012

TGIF, Happy Summer and good time-zone to you all. It's been a busy week here for me with work and packing (we move in a week! Aaah!) so I haven't been posting much. I hope you enjoyed the ones up on Monday and Tuesday though.

For today I just have some light stuff as, like I said, OMGBUSY. First, baby bump! Not so much a bump anymore as 'hey look, Jen swallowed a basketball!' I love looking pregnant and I have to say I love this dress too. Kat is doing great as far as we know-lots of kicks and squirms and thanks to our hospital visit last Thursday and Friday's yoga class, I'm actually daring to think things might go *well* instead of just neutral. Neutral was the best I was hoping for, honestly, but after seeing the lovely rooms at the hospital and hearing from the staff how family-centred and baby friendly they, are both Ry and I are feeling a lot more comfortable with our decision to not  home-birth. After finding out I hemmoraged with Gabe, I'm not ok with staying at home anymore. So there's that.

To *really* brighten up your Friday, I give you this song. If you're not smiling, toe-tapping and snapping your fingers by the end, check your pulse. <3 Have a wonderful weekend!

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