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Thank you Dr. Morgentaler!

January 28, 2013

Today in Canada marks the 25th anniversary of the Morgentaler decision, in which the Supreme Court struck down any laws prohibiting abortion and made it just another medical procedure, as it should be.

This time last year there was a HUGE kerfuffle politically when a backbench Conservative MP decided to try and introduce a motion to get abortion debated in the House. Thankfully he failed, but it just goes to show that when it comes to bodily autonomy, unless you're a straight white dude, the theme is constant vigilance.

Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler and all the others who wrote, marched, showed up, sat down, stood up and were heard on behalf of women all across this great country. My life would be much different and much more difficult without you.

The sign says "OF COURSE a fetus is a human, but it cannot be a legal person. MY rights can't be usurped by the contents of my uterus. End of story. #prochoice #m312 #nodebate"

I wish this pro choice commentary didnt show up on my fatacceptance feed. I associate body acceptance with respecting all life, including little babies.

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I can say I've learned that it doesn't matter your argument for abortion rights there will always be opposition. It's frustrating because I don't think people who're against abortions have been in the situation where having a baby would ruin their lives. I have a very dear friend who, if abortion weren't legal, will die before full term pregnancy!
Thanks Dr. morgentaler for saving my best friends life!


Matt: I think most rabid 'prolife' peeople are just 1 unexpected pregnancy away from becoming prochoice. Really, walk a mile in a woman's shoes who's IUD failed, who was raped, who *wants* a baby but simply can't afford one at the time, or who's physical or mental health can't support one, who already has 2 or 3 kids at home, and there you have most of the women who have abortions. Most 'prolife' peeps think women are strolling into abortion clinics like we go to get our nails done. No. It's a big decision, even if you are and have always been prochoice, and with access difficult (at best) in many places, even in Canada, exercising that choice is no walk in the park. Thanks for commenting!


I am the original poster. Actually, I have been through a very difficult, unplanned pregnancy. I am also a big supporter of adoption. I just dont think my right to bodily autonomy extends to ending the life of a child because the child is entitled to his or her bodily autonomy. I understand people have different opinions and perhaps I shouldnt have commented but I feel very alienated by the prevalence of pro choice stuff in the fat acceptance movement.

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