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Kittens Cause Cancer*

March 12, 2012

Happy Monday, friends! I have a four day work week this week then Friday we're travelling back to the great white North to visit family and friends for a week. This is VERY EXCITING as I haven't seen them except by webcam since July, and for Ryan, since last April. It'll take us 3 planes and 12 hours to do it but it's gonna happen! Needless to say, while visiting family, posting will probably be non-existent! I like exclaimation points!

In the meantime, however, I shall be posting, and today is on some reading I began tonight before being side-lined into housework. When not blogging I do a few other things, like work and be a mom and a wife, but I also do a ton of reading, love to debate, and spend way too much time on the internet. Can you see where this is going? Tonight over at Facebook, in a group that I'm a part of that's NOT Occupy (as I left that ego-ridden hell hole a couple of days ago), a couple of people were going on about how meat and dairy is SO bad for you, and that white flour, sugar, processed foods, and basically anything not grown yourself or killed with your own bare hands, is POISON. Yes, they said poison and boy did they mean it.

When I pointed out that our bodies break down most of what we eat into sugar and therefore sugar can't be poison, a gent decided I meant that we North Americans eat too much refined sugar and flour, etc, and that's what's giving us cancer and heart disease. Um, no. Correlation does not equal causation, but apparently he's A-OK with correlation, that's good enough for him, and goodnight. *lolsob* I'm not saying those highly processed and refined foods are great for us, but it's intellectually dishonest to claim something like "X causes cancer" with no actual facts. If that was OK, I could go around saying "Kittens cause cancer!" and noone could challenge me because hey, SOME people who own cats get CANCER! Correlation is enough! See how ridiculous that sounds? I recieved a few links from the owner of the page, a good friend I like to think, to various healthy foods sites trying to sell me things, one to a weight-loss 'doctor', (her doctorate is in chiropractics) and one gem from the New York Times.

I'm really really tired of health food enthusiasts bashing certain kinds of foods without any kind of REAL evidence or data to back up what they're saying. REAL evidence is something from a peer reviewed journal, not someone's personal website where they're trying to sell you the latest colon cleanse or weight loss secret. The NYT article is the one I'm ploughing through at the moment as it's the only one with any kind of evidence, sources or peer review. Tuesday I'll let you know what I find.

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