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The Food Police

March 24, 2010

Sinfest has a good comic up today that reflects some of our worst and/or extreme fears; the food police.  It's bad enough that a couple of years ago two guys down in Mississippi tried to pass legislation that would have banned obese people from restaurants, and now other legislators think a tax on things like soda and pizza will magically stop people from getting or staying fat.  We've got the NYT trying to sell the idea that chubby babies are doomed because of their cherubic features and school lunch and nutrition programs across the States and U.K that have done NOTHING to reduce fat in the population of kids but has done plenty to ostracize those who are fat.  If Canadian schools ever start sending home my son's report card with BMI or other 'health' information, I will pitch a FIT.  The food police doesn't seem like such a far fetched idea now does it?

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