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The Lowest of the Low & #IdleNoMore

January 4, 2013

You may or may not be aware of the Idle No More movement that's been sweeping across Canada since early December, having round dances and drumming in malls, blocking railways and snarling traffic on highways. I fully support Chief Spence in her hunger strike, and applaud her bravery in doing so in order to bring to light the devastation that is current legislation enacted by my government. (I only use 'my' here because I'm Canadian. I certainly didnt' help vote the Conservatives in.)

Sun News, aka Fox News of the North, is currently (as of this writing Wednesday night) running a contest on their FB page using the picture below of Chief Spence, asking people to submit one word descriptions in order to win a prize.


Predictably, comments range from 'obese' to 'fugly' to 'hippo' to 'liar'. This woman is *literally dying a little each day* in order to send a strong message to the Prime Minister and all some of them can say is she's fat and ugly? That's the lowest of the low. She's a gorram hero in my opinion, and in the eyes of many many others across Canada.

Unpredictably, however, were how many posts I found defending chief Spence and trying to bring sense and facts to the 'discussion' around her. I felt dirty just visiting their Facebook page but my guess is that many who disagree with Sun News camp out there to see what they're up too, and correct misinformation as it appears. Good on them!

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