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The Oppression of Language

April 1, 2010

Sometimes I wonder that two of the worst things you can call a woman to her face are 'fat' and 'cunt'.  Really?  That's the worst? Being fat and...what, being a vagina?  Seriously?  Helloooo misogyny!  What about words like 'lame', 'gay', and 'bitch'?  You wont find me using languge like this on my journal.  Why?  Because it's oppressive.  By saying "That movie was so lame!" I'm putting down people with physical disabilities.  If I comment "Oh wow, that was so gay!" on the movie, I'm oppressing the LGBTQ community.  Calling someone a bitch, or saying that complaining is bitching, is dehumanizing.  A bitch is a female dog.  To call someone a bitch erases their humanity.  Women do not have the monopoly on complaining, though the world would like us to think otherwise, just like we dont' have the monopoly on buying shoes, bad driving and mood swings.  Those are stereotypes and not worthy of perpetuating.  Being fat does not automatically mean I'm a lazy, gluttenous slob with no morals or that I'm easy.  I HAVE fat, I am NOT my fat.  I am a woman, that doesn't make me a bad driver, a whiner, an automatic mom-wannabe, shopaholic or obsessed with clothes/shoes/makeup/my hair/fashion/excersize/my weight. 

Words and language have a purpose; to convey thoughts with meaning.  Choose your words carefully; it's hard to be an ally if the words that come out of your mouth undermine your actions.

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