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The Rogue Priest Has Concerns with FA

March 1, 2012

My pal Drew over at The Rogue Priest is a very cool guy. I admire his goal of living a Heroic Life and quest to walk from Minnesota to Brazil to meet the gods. His latest post, however, centers on fat acceptance, and how it may or may not fit in with his world view. His concerns?

  • There are health problems associated with obesity. Some are exaggerated or imagined and advertisers definitely hit the button too hard, but I question whether people should be told to accept a higher-risk health condition.
  • I tend to favor self-development. There is a type of happiness to be found in accepting circumstance, but also a type of happiness in overcoming adversity or personal obstacles and achieving something hard.

He admits that he doesn't know a lot about FA and is looking for information and answers to some questions. There are a lot of comments already, a couple from me, and I'd say over half are positive towards FA and body acceptance. If you've got time, go peek!

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