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The value of good service: Jigsy!

October 23, 2011

Thursday was a bit of a hellish day; one thing after another went wrong with the icing off the cake being that Jigsy has gotten rid of their free plan for web-hosting. I was both at the same time pissed and terrified; the warning said that unless I kept up my subscription I would lose my blog and it's content. That's over 200 posts spanning two years and some, and I thought I was going to lose it all since I wanted to go back to the free plan. Steve from customer service at Jigsy said there was nothing they could do and sorry for the inconvenience. When I responded that yes, it was  HUGE inconvenience and that there had been no warning to the change in service, I got no reply. Carolyn and I had quite the conversation and she offered to help me back things up. I ranted a bit on Facebook and Twitter then went to bed.

The next morning I checked my Twitter on the way to work and there was a message from Curtis at Jigsy asking me not to leave and what they could do to fix things. He was apologetic, helpful and most of all kind. He reached out to me as a valued customer and has retained my business. I'm glad to be using Jigsy as my web-host; they're a small local business located only about 45 minutes north of here in a beautiful little place called Parksville, British Columbia. Their rates are more than fair, with 10$/month getting me 3 websites (if I want them all), a domain and an email address. The site is easy to use and build and I can even go in and modify the code on almost anything if I know how and want too. Most of all, I've talked with some of the people who run this service a few times and they're friendly and supportive. I don't think you can talk to a real person at Blogger or Wordpress and get the kind of help I have.

So! Today's post is for Jigsy. I didn't tell them that I was going to do this, I just decided too as a way of saying thanks for being awesome.

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