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Time to OCCUPY!

October 15, 2011

Happy Saturday, folks! Around the world today there are over 1000 Occupy Events occuring. It's likely that there's one in your city and if there is I strongly encourage you to head on down and lend your voice to the cause. What IS the cause, you might ask? Basically it's this: The corporations are taking over our governments, and the division between the rich and the poor, and the destruction of the middle class, wont be tolerated anymore. This isn't just an American problem, it's a dominant paradigm/hegemonic world wide problem. There is no food production problem, there's a food distribution problem.  There's absolutely no reason that the mass starvation happening in the Horn of Africa should be occuring, or that kids probably right on your street go to school hungry in the morning.  There isn't a wealth production problem, there's more than enough work out there that needs to be done that noone should not be working, we have a wealth distribution problem.

Here's a short clip summarizing things very nicely.  If you go out to your Occupy event today, please leave me a note in the comments about what you did, what happened and how it felt!

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