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TMI Tuesday

May 22, 2012

Oh my gods my belly is getting big. I can barely see my feet anymore, my toenails need paint, shaving my legs is down to a once a week chore, and basically forget about my bikini area. That's the real down-side of being pregnant in the summer; trying to get my sandals on nice looking feet, and keeping everything de-fuzzed for times at the beach or pool. Ugh. I've got 12 more weeks of  this and it's only going to get harder. The solution to semi-permanent hairy legs seems to be long, loose skirts, but there's nothing doing about my damn sandals (I HATE flip-flops and wont wear them; they always feel like they're about to fly off my feet) or inability to see my bikini line. Any tips or tricks, dear readers, to get me through this?

Thinking of long, loose skirts, I'll have some new pics up on Wednesday of a fun summer dress and long shirt I bought. If I were braver the long shirt would be worn with tights, but for now, well, you'll see!

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