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February 15, 2011

Today has been an absolutely trainwreck in American prochoice news.  Go check out Shakesville to get up to speed and please if you care about women at all, and/or if you're a fan of small government, call and email your reps to stop these heinous pieces of  legislation.

The following is brought to you by the witty and intelligent Brian at Red No. 3. His original post deals with FA Trolls.  With his permission, I've adjusted it to reflect the kind of antichoice thinking I see day in and day out on Twitter (and have been flooded with today.) Enjoy!

Dialogue with a Troll (adapted from Red No. 3 with permission)

A play in one act.

Cast: Female Prochoice Activist (FPA) and Antichoice Troll (TR)

Scene: Somewhere on the internets

FPA: Stigmatizing abortion & restricting access is unacceptable.

TR: I'm not stigmatizing abortion. I'm just saying abortion is murder.

FPA: That's abortion stigmatization.

TR: No, no. That's not it at all. I'm just saying its bad to be prochoice and you should stop killing babies.

FPA: Which is stigmatization and unacceptable.

TR: Do I need to speak slowly? I'm not stigmatizing you. I'm just saying you are obviously stupid, a strain upon society, and need to be pressured into doing what I want you to do. Also, you are a slut.

FPA: I understand that you are saying that. That's why I'm objecting to it.

TR: Do you have comprehension issues? I'm just saying you're body is public property and maybe you should be jailed and spare society the immoral burden of yourself. I'm not prejudiced against you.

FPA: What you just said was prejudiced.

TR: I never said I was prejudiced. You're putting words in my mouth.

FPA: I know you never said that specifically. WHAT you said was prejudiced.

TR: But I said I wasn't prejudiced.

FPA: What you said WAS prejudiced and stigmatizing and I won't accept that.

TR: I didn't say anything wrong. Now you're just being a vindictive liar.

FPA: What you said. About abortion being immoral and murder and for sluts. All of that. That's what I'm objecting to.

TR: But you are murdering babies, being immoral and a slut.

FPA: I'm contesting that.

TR: But you are.

FPA: No.

TR: Look, I'm not the enemy here. You should be mad at the corporations making money off abortion. Lives are at stake, you know. Babies lives.

FPA: As long as you are telling me that I'm a slut, murdering babies, stupid and unable to make my own decisions, etc., then you kind of are the "enemy" in so far as you are espousing viewpoints I strongly reject.

TR: You obviously are damaged from an abortion if this bothers you so much.

FPA: That does not remotely make sense.

TR: So you admit you have comprehension issues!

FPA: Look, as long as you promote hate, bigotry, and stigmatization I will keep objecting to it. Women who’ve had abortions should not be stigmatized as immoral, slutty, or murderers. It’s not helpful and it’s not true.

TR: I never stigmatized you! I just said you were immoral, slutty, and a murderer. What don't you get about that?

FPA: A lot, it would seem.


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