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Typing Tuesday

November 14, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been writing a bit for the Nanaimo Daily News for their events section. I'm also working on Nanowrimo, a fanfic featuring everyone's favorite bounty hunter, and horribly far behind (but catching up!). I've been writing in support of Compassion Farm, and things about Occupy Wall St, being onsite taking the minutes at general assemblies, and of course, writing here and at Fierce Fatties about fat acceptance. It's been a really really busy month but I love it.

Lately I've been getting a lot of positive feedback offline about my ability to write and speak. Other than just being a chatterbox and super friendly, I used to write speeches for FUN. Yup, that was me, orator at age 10. I'd get up infront of the school or my classroom or a panel of judges and just let rip about what was important or interesting to me; t-rex, greek mythology, drunk driving, being Canadian, tigers, whatever. It was a chance to be heard, something that's still so important to me. I didn't feel listened too as a kid. Sometimes I still feel like noone's listening but hey, that's what checking and rechecking my blog comments is for! I kid. Seriously though, the feedback I've been getting for speaking and writing in the real world has been fabulous, and it reaffirms something I realized a little while back; my greatest gift is my voice. Its' trained to carry far and say what needs to be said in a way that can't be ignored. That doesn't always come through online but I'm very hard, if not impossible, to ignore face to face. People downtown at Occupy know that if they need something said, they can come to me and I'll say it. Meeting with the mayor and council? I'm there. Lead a march and sing or chant? On it. Represent at the GAs? Done. Finally I feel like my particular gift has a purpose, that I'm not just talking for the sake of hearing my own voice anymore. People are listening.

Also, people are reading and that's great too. I thought maybe The Win Online was a place for my voice in fat acceptance to reach a wider audience but I felt like, since I wasn't selling anything (a book or a lifestyle) that it wasn't for me. A lot of what I'd want to say about fat acceptance has already been said though, by people who've said it better than I ever can. (Bri? Kate? Mary-Anne? I'm lookin' at you.) This isn't to say that I'm going to stop writing here, hell no, just that my priorities have shifted a bit in the last little bit. You haven't heard the last of me, never fear!

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