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Unflattering clothes day

September 27, 2009

Today is my last day home with my hubby and son so I'm doing laundry.  A lot of my clothes are in Thunder Bay right now so for the past few days I've been wearing the same track pants and various t-shirts.  However, my yoga pants and slightly too small blue t-shirt are on, and damn do they look horrible on me.  These clothes really emphasize the roundness of my belly and the sag/pouch from my c-section.  I've found myself avoiding mirrors because if I look and see myself, I think "God am I fat." or something equally not-nice.  Thankfully, nearly 2 years reading the Fatosphere, and lots of time with the awesome hubby and friends, have made me aware that I deserve better than that from myself and that being fat is NOT A BAD THING.  Hear that, Self? Not bad, so quit avoiding mirrors.  You can't look fabulous every single day, so don't try.  My good clothes will be done shortly (actually, I think they're done now) and I can get changed into something that makes me feel awesome.

There are a lot of Fatshion blogs out there and I'm slowly beginning to realize why they're so important; knowing how to dress your figure so you feel good AND look good isn't something that a lot of (fat) people know how to do automatically; we've spent way too many years being told that the only things we get to wear are shapeless and made of dark material and bought in specialty shops, or more recently, online only.  I'm tentatively dipping my toes into those kinds of blogs but really, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. 

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