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Updates and Shaun the Sheep

April 16, 2010

Happy Friday, Fatosphere (and anyone else who pops in)!  I updated a couple of spots on here, including the About section and Links of Importance.  In About I added in a little bit more of what I'll be writing about here, including the occasional post about my veggie and other gardens and sometimes family things as they come up.  In the Links section I added in some excellent FA 101 material shamelessly nabbed from Marianne over at The Rotund.

Some of you may have heard of or enjoy the cartoon Shaun the Sheep.  It's done by the same studio who creates Wallace and Gromit and I thoroughly enjoy both.  Shaun, to me, is especially awesome because there's no dialogue.  Everything is done through careful facial expressions, sound effects, sight gags and animal noises.  It's beautiful for clay animation.  We picked up a dvd of several cartoons featuring Shaun a little while ago and sometimes Gabe chooses to watch it.  Unfortunately, the first episode on the disc (Shape up with Shaun) is all about a big fat sheep who's got to lose some weight.  He's so enormous he can't fit through the barn doors anymore.  When weighed, he's lifted up by a small bulldozer and is as heavy as a shopping cart full of bricks.  Shaun and the other sheep put him through a series of work-outs (a la Rocky) and diets in order to slim him down and at the end of the episode we have a slim sheep.  Then, of course, there's an accident with a pie truck and 5 seconds later that sheep is enormously fat again.  FAIL.  It's sad to see this kind of message put into a kid's show.  It reminded me of the Berenstein Bears book I had as a kid called "The BB and The Trouble with Junk Food."  It's a rare one now, but it's pretty much the same thing.  Watching Shaun just makes me realize how pervasive and strong the messages are on our children to all look a certain way. 


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