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Vlogging and The WIN Online

May 28, 2011

Happy Saturday, readers (and happy long weekend to you, American peeps!)  I've got something to ask you about today and I would deeply appreciate your feedback.  Late last week and early this week I've been talking to the people at TheWINOnline, the Women's Information Network.  From what I gather it's a website full of blogs and videoblogs that covers a wide variety of topics aimed specifically at women of all ages.  Online since 2008 they're looking to expand into Canada and found my blog.  They emailed me and invited me to start writing & vlogging for them.  Honestly, I was a bit surprised.  This was my reply to their second email, as I sat on the first one without reply for a few days:

Hello Maria,
   Thank you for your interest in my blog. I took a look at WIN and am not sure if I am the right fit for your website; really, does WIN want a fat acceptance blogger? No talk about diets or 'being good' or eating 'bad foods', just promoting body acceptance and health at EVERY size? Also, my family is in the middle of a major transition at the moment and now is probably not the best time to begin a new project.  However, as I have been considering vlogging (or creating a web show, as you call it), your offer does interest me.  How long do I have to accept? We should be moved in to our new home and stable by August at the latest.
I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your interest.

Maria wrote me back and I was impressed:

Hi Jennifer,
At WIN, we want ALL kinds of women, especially when it comes to body acceptance. That specific topic would resonate with so many women, young and old.
There is no actual time frame for you to accept, the offer will never expire! I do have to mention that the time commitment is not very substantial, and you can start at your own rythm, for example one 2 minute show a month. We do not enforce any type of schedule, you would be in control of the output.
Let me know what you think! If you want to try it know, I will forward you to our lovely Rachel, who will help you with the next steps to set up your official web page and show page. You can also start now and if it is too much, take a little hiatus!

I have to wonder though, do they REALLY know what they're getting into by inviting me? Did they check out my "About" section?  The site seems fairly conservative; mostly white, able-bodied cis women, 99% conventionally attractive (see-thin!).  I didn't see any sections on mental illness or physical disability, LGBTQ issues, or alternative faiths.  If they REALLY want all kinds of women, they're about to get more than they can handle I think.

So gentle readers, what do you think?  If I started vlogging & writing for WIN Online as well as here, but with a wider topic range at WIN, would you be interested?  I have been thinking of becoming more of a professional blogger, maybe turn it into a part time job, and this could be my chance.  WIN doesn't pay their vloggers but this is an opportunity to widen my base & horizons for Fat and Not Afraid some.  I'm very curious to hear from you!

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